Date Major Activities
June 3 Arrival of out of town students, pizza dinner party at CS Department
June 4 Check-in, Campus Orientation, Program overview, Pre-program assessment
June 5 Background classes on Information Retrieval and Research processes and ethnics
June 6 Faculty Research Talk
June 8 Welcome Party in the park @5:30pm
June 13 Visit to Intel
June 15 First student project presentation
June 26 Visit to SWRI
June 27

Visit to IBM

July 6 Second student project presentation
July 11 Graduate Life Panel by Ms. Romanella @ 2:00pm
July 13 Guest lecture by Dr. Caverlee
July 20 Research presentation skills workshop @ 1:00 pm
July 27 Third student project presentation
August 2 Poster presentation, post program assessment and award ceremony
August 3 Check-out