I will be starting my senior year at University of Nebraska - Lincoln, majoring in Computer Engineering and Mathematics.  After graduating I plan to attend graduate school, with the eventual goal of doing research as a career.  My primary research interests include machine learning and data mining.

This summer I have been working under Dr. Lu, on a project titled "Learning To Judge Image Search Results For Synonymous Queries".  For a given image search query, there may be two or more synonyms which can be used as search terms to achieve the best result.  The goal of this project is to develop a framework for training a machine learning algorithm to automatically judge and select the best image search result, using image attributes as training data.

It has been an exciting summer.  I have gained a lot of valuable experience performing original research and working with a research mentor.  This experience has solidified my confidence in my desire to do research professionally, and provided me with an advantage on my way to achieve that goal.  What's more exciting is that during my time with the program I have achieved good experimental results in my project.  My results will hopefully be able to be incorporated into a conference paper that Dr. Lu will be publishing in the future.