Hi! I'm Yifan Cao, and I will be a Senior studying Mathematics and Economics at MIT this fall. I applied for this REU because I'm particularly interested in the more statistical side of data mining, and still deciding how to proceed in terms of additional schooling and field. I am currently working under Dr. Gao on creating a new quantitative measure of significance for sequential patterns. There has been a lack of work in the field of significance of sequential patterns, and our approach for measuring p-values is meant to be one that can cover most general sequential data.

My project is titled Assessing the Quantitative Signifi cance of Sequential Patterns.

My project delves into the very much unexplored sector of significance for sequential patterns, and discusses a new approach that can quickly give a quantitative measure of significance for general sequential patterns.

This program has really taught me a lot about both the process of research, and how interesting the data mining field is, and for that I am very grateful for the opportunity!